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Plastic pipes do not rust or corrode. Their smooth inner surface prevents scale formation.
Heat stabilized Polypropylene Random Copolymer PP-r (Type 3) is a designed polymer. It is purposely made to satisfy all demanding criteria of modern building designers and water specialists.
Over the past 10 years, the use of Polypropylene pipe PP-r for cold and hot water applications grew substantially in Europe and the Middle East.

The PP-r sanitary pipe system represents a proven, economic, safe and trouble free system made entirely of plastic material especially designed to last for the lifetime of the building.
Advanced Plastic Industries s.a.l. API supplies an extensive range of PP-r (Type 3) & PP-RCT pipes and fittings under the trademark Apitherm®and Ecotherm®.

Apitherm® pipes are produced according to the general quality requirements of EN-ISO 15874 (Class 2 & Class 5). Both PN20 and PN25 ratings are available.

Raw materials used in the Apitherm® pipe system are certified by the Gelsenkirchen Hygiene Institute to fulfill the KTW requirements for the drinking water, and certified by Suddeutsche Kunststoff Zentrum (SKZ) to fulfill the hydrostatic strength requirements in DIN 8078.
Advanced Plastic Industries’ dedication to quality together with our commitment to superior customer service and support are your assurance of a long-lasting and trouble free plumbing system.

Our Main Products
- Apitherm® PP-r80 Type3
- Apitherm® PP-RCT
(Class2 & Class5)
- Alu-pipe (PP-r80 & PP-CT)
- Apithene (PE Polyethylene)

Material Characteristics
The main characteristics of Apitherm pipe system are:
- Long life
- Resistance to corrosion
- Resistance to frost
- Resistance to chemicals
- Taste and odor neutral
- High acoustic insulation
- High thermal insulation
- Low level of pressure loss
- High impact strength
- High hydrostatic strength under pressure
- Excellent weld ability
- Quick and safe installation.

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